Burkina Faso: Issouf’s Story

Wondering how just a few dollars can change a life? Because when we join together in doing God’s work, we can greatly impact the lives of people we may never meet—people like Zoré Issouf. Issouf is an orphan living in Burkina Faso. With the opportunity to receive an education and consistent meals, his life has forever changed. Below is a letter from Sharyl J. Sieh, president of ACTS Ministry USA. She tells Issouf’s story—one of possibilities and life change thanks to people who partnered together to make a difference: We are so grateful for the boxes of food that arrived at the ACTS Center today. The staff and students cheered to see the container put in place at the Center. Thank you for providing food for the villagers we serve. What a blessing a meal can bring to a child … read more>>

#TRI2FEED: Find Your Balance

Flippers are my friends. Okay, it is mostly a one-way relationship in the fact that I use them and they help me swim better and easier. Since the first day I waded in to the pool at my YMCA to begin my swim training, I used flippers for my drills and swimming attempts. The purpose of using flippers is to provide greater stability and balance which allows the swimmer to focus on different aspects of their stroke. This helps to improve or embed great technique in the swimmer. This week my "friends" and I parted ways. (Meanwhile, I'm still trying to find the fine print in the Ironman rule book that will allow me to use flippers in the race.) This was not a time that I was looking forward to, but I knew it was coming. I now only use the flippers for a few laps per practice if I need to … read more>>

Kenya: Healthy Smiles and Sustainable Gifts

Every day, we feed over 1,000 children in a slum school and a remote village of Kenya. Thanks to our Finland office, we have maintained this program to serve Mikindani Nursery, Jimba Primary and Living Word Primary Schools, so that 1,022 students not only receive important nutrition, but have the opportunity to attend school, play with friends and remain healthy. “The children of Star of Hope Kenya send their deepest gratitude to Feeding the Nation (FTN) Finland and all well-wishers for supporting a balanced diet for their healthy growth and development,” a recent report from Star of Hope Kenya said. “You have continued to make it possible for these children to actively participate in school activities after taking the 10 o’clock porridge and the 12 noon lunch. This has made … read more>>

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