Iraq: Hope in the Midst of Heartbreak

We recently sent 1,260 boxes of meals to Iraq that were distributed through outreaches by our partner Light a Candle Project. These outreaches gave hope to widows and food to starving families in refugee camps. It fed babies who entered the world due to rape by ISIS and are thus abandoned. These packages of food that we sent are changing lives, not just because of the nutrition they contain, but the hope of the Gospel that comes with them. At one camp in Mosul, 6,750 people (of which, about 4,050 were children) received 18 packages of food each. These families lived under ISIS rule for two to four years. Almost all of them have suffered from the heartbreak of losing family members and having their homes destroyed. The refugees in the camp cannot leave and buy food, so what is … read more>>

Iraq: Food Distribution & Relationship Building

Food and supplies were recently distributed to Iraqi refugees who fled ISIS. Thanks to our partnership with Light A Candle, we sent food to a camp outside Mosul where 1,350 families live. These families lived under ISIS rule for two to three years. Many of them lost family members to ISIS, militia groups or coalition air strikes. Their homes were destroyed, jobs lost, and their villages lack clean water and power. The camps provide the basic needs of shelter, some power and some food, but even that is inconsistent and unpredictable. Through this outreach, each family received food and supplies. Not only was it a time for nourishment and hope, it also helped build relationships with the camp manager and personnel, so programs like these can continue. Thank you to … read more>>

Malawi: Velia’s Story

Wondering what impact your donation to Feeding The Nations makes? It helps people like Velia—an elderly grandmother in Malawi who cares for her 5 orphaned grandchildren. She is frail and no longer able to work as a farmer in the fields, but she is very capable of providing a safe shelter for her grandchildren. She is thankful that her grandchildren are able to attend the local primary school where they receive food each day. She is hopeful that the education they receive will make them strong for the future.   Last year Velia became extremely ill and the family feared the worst. It is hard to imagine life without 'agogo' here. She is the one who holds the family together and no one was prepared for her to die. Thankfully, she recovered and continues on serving her … read more>>

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