Nicaragua: 1Nation1Day

We had the honor of partnering with 1Nation1Day as they blessed the country of Nicaragua. During the event, hundreds of thousands of people gathered across Nicaragua in 12 different locations and millions of people watched through a live broadcast. The event brought the nation together for the same cause--to see a brighter, more vibrant Nicaragua. We provided food that was distributed to families in need. As a recent report said: "We also distributed thousands of meals to families in need--just the start of the 300,000 meals our team will give away throughout the trip. If we do the math correctly, that adds up to 300,000 smiles. More important than simply meeting the material needs of the townspeople, we met their spiritual needs. We ministered to the locals and began to see God moving … read more>>

Cuba: Providing “Rico” Meals for Amalia

“Rico” is making the difference in the life of a girl named Amalia. She lives in Cuba and since she has been receiving a steady diet of nutritious meals, her health and energy levels have improved, making it easier for her to learn and play. Our partners, Feed My Starving Children, sent us this report on Amalia and the “rico” she has been enjoying: Amalia is a 7-year-old girl living in a depressed area of Havana, Cuba. Although food is available in her area, the nutritious value is questionable and there is also a lack of variety in the foods available. The fortified meals are an excellent basis of nourishment for these children and combined with any additional items, in this case eggs, it will meet all vitamins and minerals required at her age. She has been receiving the food for a … read more>>

1.36 million meals ready to send. How will you help?

We have a big challenge ahead. We have food ready to send, but we can’t get it where it needs to be. Over the past few months, our hemisphere has been hit by multiple disasters. A series of hurricanes brought devastation to our states, the Caribbean and Central America. Then in September, Mexico was struck by an earthquake that registered 8.1 on the Richter scale. There has been an outpouring of gifts to these devastated island nations, Mexico, and our own country. But there is more to do. We have a warehouse full of food that needs to go to these stricken nations. But we don’t have the finances to send it. We have 5 containers, each 40-feet long and carrying over 272,000 meals ready to go. Each one costs almost $6,000 to ship to these countries. That’s $30,000 to send … read more>>

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