Malawi: Feeding the Blind

We recently shared an update from our partners in Malawi, Iris Africa. We have more good news to share from the work they are doing there. Every day, they are feeding orphans, widows and the blind, including Rose and her family. Here is an excerpt from Iris Africa's report: Both Rose and her husband Jafeti are blind and raising four beautiful children aged 3 to 12 years. They live in the rural village of Bzirkunda in the southern district of Malawi. It is difficult for the blind to access education, find employment, and be accepted by society. Rose and Jafeti are among approximately 136,000 blind people in Malawi, 80% of whom suffered from cataracts or glaucoma and would have sight today had they received adequate health care.Rose greeted us with a warm smile and welcomed each … read more>>

Malawi: Celebrating Triplets in the Midst of a Famine

Imagine having a baby in the middle of a famine. Now imagine having triplets in that same situation. A year ago, our partners in Malawi, Iris Africa, told us about a set of triplets who were born into that scenario. And we have good news to share! David Morrison, director of Iris Africa, shared this update with us: A year ago I wrote about a set of triplets who were born in the midst of famine and hunger. Their father was already struggling to find food for his four older children when the triplets arrived. He came to me with their three tiny hats and their medical books as proof, and we were able to help with some baby formula to help them get through the nights and some MannaPack to support the mother's health. Since then we have come to know this amazing family. The father … read more>>

Iraq: Hope in the Midst of Heartbreak

We recently sent 1,260 boxes of meals to Iraq that were distributed through outreaches by our partner Light a Candle Project. These outreaches gave hope to widows and food to starving families in refugee camps. It fed babies who entered the world due to rape by ISIS and are thus abandoned. These packages of food that we sent are changing lives, not just because of the nutrition they contain, but the hope of the Gospel that comes with them. At one camp in Mosul, 6,750 people (of which, about 4,050 were children) received 18 packages of food each. These families lived under ISIS rule for two to four years. Almost all of them have suffered from the heartbreak of losing family members and having their homes destroyed. The refugees in the camp cannot leave and buy food, so what is … read more>>

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