Malawi: Feeding HIV+ Mother’s Like Suma

Did you know you can impact the life of a mother in Malawi? You can give hope to the hungry and hurting in Africa. And you don’t need a passport to do it. Thanks to people just like you who have partnered with us, women like Suma are receiving food and hope despite living through difficult circumstances. Here’s a portion of her story: My name is Suma, I come from Mong’ongo village. I am about 34 years old, and I am living with HIV even though I was only married to my husband before he vanished. Now my children and me live with my parents. I walk to CLI Hospital often to get the medicine I need to survive, and two years ago when I had my second child, I came to here where they gave medicines to keep my son from getting the disease while developing in pregnancy. In recent times I have … read more>>

Haiti: The Heart of a 102-year-old Widow

Because of people like you, this 102-year-old Christian woman in Haiti receives a box of food each month. Larosa Pretil lives in a widows' village in Haiti. Our partners, Outreach Aid to the Americas, have been providing her with food since March. Despite the fact that she very much needed this food for her own survival, she shared it with her family. By the end of the month, she was out of food and walked four hours to her daughter’s house in the hopes that she would still have some food left to share. But thanks to this continuing outreach, she now receives a box of food each month. Larosa’s old home was destroyed by the hurricane (top-left picture). She would’ve died had she not moved into her new home (right picture) before the hurricane struck. Praise God for His … read more>>

Top 10 Reasons to Give

‘Tis the season for giving, for checking off lists and wrapping up packages. This year, we’d like to challenge you to give a gift with a purpose, one that can make a real difference. Right now, we are feeding 3,000 children on a daily basis in schools and orphanages in Haiti. Plus, food and supplies that we have sent are meeting immediate needs and being distributed in: Dominican Republic Puerto Rico Honduras Iraq These are just a few of the nations that we have helped throughout 2017. Because of people just like you, we are making a difference RIGHT NOW in the lives of children around the world. We are not just sending food; we are also giving hope and the love of Christ to those in need. Did you know that $40 can feed a child for an entire year? And, $160 can feed … read more>>

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