#TRI2FEED: Race Week!

This week is race week! What an exciting time to be a part of the Ironman event. During race week, everyone begins to taper their training. You don’t want to be doing 50-mile rides or 11-mile runs a few days before you attempt to swim, bike and run a total of 70.3 miles. Going into the event with sore muscles is not the vision! Every racer wants to be rested before their test. Kind of like school where cramming doesn’t work too well. Add some extra carbs this week along with rest and you should be primed to have a good race. My race plan is set for all three aspects of the triathlon and back-up plans are being explored. My tires and tubes are checked. Gear is finding it’s way into my race bag. Nutrition (a.k.a. fuel) is being prepped. I am watching the ever-changing forecast with … read more>>

Kenya: Bringing Healthy Smiles

Each day, we feed 1,000 children in Kenya. And this food is making a difference. Take a look at this recent update from our partner, Star of Hope: The children of Star of Hope Kenya send their deepest gratitude to Feeding the Nation, donors and well-wishers for supporting a balanced diet for their healthy growth and development throughout their time in school. You have continued to make it possible for these children to actively participate in school activities after taking the 10 o’clock porridge and the 12 noon lunch. This has made their afternoon nap a comfortable one and the afternoon lessons lively. Because of you, our children have a healthy smile. Join us in bringing more healthy smiles to children around the world. Donate … read more>>

Haiti: The Faces of Hurricane Relief

It is easy to hear disaster reports in the news and, while saddened by the devastation, not see the faces of those who have been affected. Today, we want to show you some of those faces. These are people whose lives forever changed when Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti on October 4, 2016. And now they give thanks for provisions provided that offer a glimmer of hope as they continue to recover. By working alongside other organizations and thanks to individual donations, we have delivered meals to families who lost their homes, as well as to women, children and the elderly. This food has kept families from experiencing disaster-related starvation and malnutrition. It has given them security in knowing they don’t have to look for food elsewhere; instead they can focus on shelter … read more>>

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