Welcome BOTT Listeners!

Please help your radio station as we partner together to feed the hungry children in Africa. Any amount has the ability to make a big impact. Did you know that just $45 feeds a child for one year? Click the link below to join with us in making a difference in the lives of hungry children. Make a Radiothon Donation … read more>>

Mexico: Earthquake Relief

Last September an earthquake struck Mexico. We immediately responded by sending food that was distributed in various areas of Mexico. It helped nourish over 1,000 people, including more than 400 families. One of our partners on the ground who distributed the food told the story of one family who lost everything. In desperation, they set up a temporary home made of pallets and other materials. And not only were they recovering from a devastating earthquake, but they also had to deal with a volcano that was actively spewing ashes onto their village. Thank you to everyone who partnered with us to make this immediate response to such a devastating natural disaster possible. Together we are making a difference! If you'd like to help us do more, click the button below and … read more>>

Haiti: The Heart of a 102-year-old Widow

Because of people like you, this 102-year-old Christian woman in Haiti receives a box of food each month. Larosa Pretil lives in a widows' village in Haiti. Our partners, Outreach Aid to the Americas, have been providing her with food since March. Despite the fact that she very much needed this food for her own survival, she shared it with her family. By the end of the month, she was out of food and walked four hours to her daughter’s house in the hopes that she would still have some food left to share. But thanks to this continuing outreach, she now receives a box of food each month. Larosa’s old home was destroyed by the hurricane (top-left picture). She would’ve died had she not moved into her new home (right picture) before the hurricane struck. Praise God for His … read more>>

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