Iraq: A Million Meals & More for Refugees

Millions of refugees who have fled ISIS now reside in camps in Iraq. In 2016, we sent four loads that totaled 1,088,640 meals and 11,250 lbs. of charcoal to help those refugees. Some of the loads have arrived, while more are still in transit. We thank our partner, Global Samaritan Resources, for all they are doing to get the food to those in need. Global Samaritan continues to be the only organization that is getting food into Northern Iraq. That is made possible because of Feeding The Nations, Feed My Starving Children, the United States Air Force Denton Program and Barzani Charity Foundation. Together, we are all making a difference! Awat Mustafa, head of international relations for the Barzani Charity Foundation, recently visited Global Samaritan in Abilene, Texas, and … read more>>

#TRI2FEED: Security Blanket

My son loves his blankets and stuffed animals. They travel with us wherever we go. They bring him a sense of security and familiarity. I think we all want that. Whether we were partial to blankets, stuffed animals or a favorite article of clothing, we all experienced something that eased our worries or brought us a sense of security as kids. Now as adults, we still have security blankets. Our security blankets just fit in the palm of our hands: our smartphones. Or maybe your security is your home, your job, something that is constant, something that you can look to for comfort. But not everyone has that sort of security. Refugees are among this group. They had to flee their home country, leaving everything. The refugee situation right now in Iraq is staggering. It is quickly … read more>>

Iraq: Feeding Survivors of Terrorism

Wondering how you can make a difference in the fight against ISIS? You can help bring food, hope and the love of Christ to families in Iraq who have escaped this terrorist group. Feeding The Nations provided food for people who have fled ISIS and have assembled in refugee camps in northern Iraq. Many have only the clothes they had on their backs when they left. The majority of the refugees are women and children, as many of the men left to fight or were killed helping their families flee. We were able to reach these people thanks to a partnership with the U.S. military. Through the Denton Program, the U.S. military ships relief supplies free-of-charge when space is available on aircraft. NGOs working where the U.S. has operations can use the program to reach citizens in … read more>>

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